Dušan Hégli

Artistic Director
1971, Štúrovo

The Tournesol, Muharay and "Author of the year in 2017" Awards-winning choreographer and director's devotion to traditional dance originates from his parents and he has been dancing since his childhood. He started producing choreographies in 1989 at the age of 18, today more than 100 works can be attached to his name. Hégli studied choreography at the University of Arts, Bratislava (VŠMU), then later dance pedagogy at the Hungarian College of Dance, Budapest. His works, reflecting a novel choreographic approach quickly caught the attention of other professionals both in Slovakia and Hungary. In 1999 he was awarded the position of Director of the Ifjú Szivek Dance Theatre. On his initiative, the group became a professional company and under his direction it has become a significant part of the traditional Hungarian dance revival movement in Central Europe. As the artistic leader of Ifjú Szivek Dance Theatre from 2000 onwards, Hegli has premiered a number of productions each year.

Besides Hégli's creative work, he is an influential member of the national traditional dance revival movement and the founder and chairman of the Dance Forum (the Professional Society of Hungarian Folk Dancers in Slovakia). He has worked in nearly 30 countries worldwide, from Australia to the USA, as a choreographer and dance teacher. He has organised and been involved in several dance and music collection trips, primarily in those parts of Slovakia with a culturally Hungarian population. The fact that the traditional dance culture of these regions has now become widely known can largely be attributed to the contribution of his artistic work. Hégli has produced many professional music CDs as musical director. The folklore stream of the Hungarian Primary - Secondary School in Bratislava was started on his initiative, as well as the offsite lectures in Bratislava for students studying dance pedagogy at the Hungarian College of Dance. As director of Ifjú Szivek Dance Theatre, Hégli has managed to open the doors of the company's rooms to the public as the only Hungarian venue, which since then, has become an important space in Bratislava's cultural life.

These days Hégli has become a world wide name with many choreographies to his credit. In his productions, his believable interpretation of traditional dance culture and thoughtful dramatic structure together form his inspiring artistic style. The music, stage, lighting and costume make the difference, working together to create a new language of expression for traditional dance.


  • 2017 –                           Prix Tournesol "Corps et danse" on the Festival Off d'Avignon for
  • 2017 –                           Author of the year - award of the Assoc. of Hungarian Dance Artists
  • 2012 – Current            Assoc. of Hungarian Dance Artists, Representative of Ifjú Szivek DT
  • 2009 – Current           Dance Forum (Prof. Soc. of Hung. Folk Dancers in SK), founder, chairman
  • 1999 – Current            Ifjú Szivek Dance Theatre, Bratislava, Artistic Director
  • 2011 – 2013                 Ifjú Szivek Dance Theatre, Bratislava, Director
  • 1999 – 2002               Ifjú Szivek Dance Theatre, Bratislava, Director
  • 1992 – 1998                Szőttes Kamara Dance group, Bratislava (Artistic Director, Choreographer)
  • 1990 – 1992                Ifjú Szivek MME, Bratislava (Dancer, Reh. Director, art. director's secretary)
  • 1986 – 1990                Szőttes Kamara Dance group, Bratislava, Dancer


  • Nyugtalan ének (Ifjú Szivek MME, 1989), Choreographer
  • Kötődések (Ifjú Szivek MME, 1991), Choreographer
  • Bál (Szőttes, 1993), choreographer, Director
  • Gombaszög ´94 (STV 1, 1994), Director
  • Régi szokás szerint (Szőttes, 1995), Choreographer, Director
  • Lagzi (Honvéd Táncszínház, 2001), Choreographer
  • Beautiful Old Women... (Ifjú Szivek DT, 2001), Choreographer , Director
  • Played by Me… /Dances of Musicians/ (Ifjú Szivek DT, 2001), Choreographer , Director
  • Musicians from Hont (Ifjú Szivek DT, 2002), Choreographer, Director
  • For Old Times Sake (Ifjú Szivek DT, 2003), Choreographer, Director
  • Szerelemtánc (Magyar Állami Népi Együttes, 2003), Choreographer
  • Our Mentors (Ifjú Szivek DT, 2003), Choreographer, Director
  • Hungarian School of Dance (Ifjú Szivek DT, 2004), Choreographer, Director
  • Letters from the Highlands (Ifjú Szivek DT, 2005), Choreographer , Director
  • Dance School 2. (Ifjú Szivek DT, 2006), Choreographer, Director
  • Bartók-trilógia – Kincses Felvidék (Magyar Állami Népi Együttes, 2006), Choreographer
  • Monarchia /Népek tánczai/ (Budapest Táncegyüttes, Honvéd Táncszínház, 2007), Choreographer
  • Dancewriters (Ifjú Szivek DT, 2008), Director
  • Dance for Strings Percussion and Piano (Ifjú Szivek DT, 2009), Choreographer, Director
  • Irregular History Class (Ifjú Szivek DT, 2009), Co-director
  • Carpathian Gateway (Ifjú Szivek DT, 2010), Choreographer, Director
  • The Dance of the Devil (Ifjú Szivek DT, 2010), Choreographer, Director
  • Letters  (Ifjú Szivek DT, 2011), Choreographer, Director
  • Hungarian from Slovakia (Ifjú Szivek DT, 2012), Choreographer, Director
  • Womex 2011 Opening Gala - Hungarian HeartBeats, Copenhagen (Koncerthuset, 2011), Director
  • Felvidéki Páva Gála (Ifjú Szivek DT, 2012), Director
  • Dances from Pressburg (Ifjú Szivek band, CD, 2012), Musical Director
  • Expatriatisation (Ifjú Szivek DT, 2013), Choreographer, Director
  • Odd one out (Ifjú Szivek DT, 2014), Choreographer, Director
  • Womex 2015 Opening Gala - Gypsy HeartBeats, Budapest (MÜPA), Director 
  • Bartók 135 (Ifjú Szivek DT, 2016)
  • Finetuning (Dusan Hegli Company - Ifjú Szivek DT, 2016)
  • Seventy - seven verbunks (Ifjú Szivek DT, 2018)