Ifjú Szivek Dance Theatre is one of the most significant companies in the Hungarian traditional dance revival movement and in the Hungarian dance and cultural life of Slovakia. Through its theatrical dance performances the greatest merit of our company is to show and strengthen the social appreciation of the traditional dance and music culture of Central Europe both within and outside Slovakia.The company’s work focuses primarily on setting traditional Slovak Hungarian dance and music to stage. Using the language of traditional dance, music and costume as an integral part of our thought provoking performances, we present programs that reveal complex ideas and layers within.

Our repertoire is made up of a variety of genres. Theatrical performances based on traditional dance culture, traditional shows presenting life-like pictures of the dance, performances presenting specific regional dances and programs created specifically for children.

Our target audience is mainly the Hungarian community living in Slovakia, but the company has appeared on different stages worldwide representing the Slovak Hungarian dance and music culture. With our traditional performances and theatrical shows, the group has performed at festivals and toured extensively from New York to Stockholm, Avignon to Sydney.

As well as performing the company actively participates in initiating and organising related events around the country. This includes the  documentation, organisation and sharing of archive dance and music recordings collected throughout the 20th century and the encouragement and strengthening of the role of traditional dance education in Slovakia. The only permanent Hungarian theatre, an important venue for Hungarian cultural life in Bratislava operates in our headquarters.