Autentika - Own material

The dance production Autentika - Own material will provide the audience with a comprehensive picture of the traditional dance and musical culture of nations and nationalities living in Slovakia. It analyzes, presents and innovatively processes our traditions using a huge amount of knowledge that we acquired in the last century, starting with the first research collections of Béla Bartók and Zoltán Kodály from the Ponitrie region. 

Barbara Gyenes, Tamara Makóová, Veronika Sebő, Ágnes Varsányi, Anna Vermes, Ákos Botló, Erik Brusznyai, Gergely Fekete, András Lantos
Máté Hegedűs – violin, Miklós Király – violin, Gergely Dávid Hegedűs – viola, Tamás Király – double bass
Vermes Anna
Gergely Dávid Hegedűs, Máté Hegedűs
Music director
Dusan Hégli
Rita Furik, Edit Seifert
Marcell Fülöp
Artistic staff
Ákos Botló
Artistic assistant
Zsófia Varsányi
Director, Choreographer
Dusan Hégli