For old times sake

This production was created for the 2003 American-Canadian Ifjú Szivek tour. The performance consists of two parts, comprising the dance traditions of two large areas, Felvidék (the southern part of Slovakia) and Transylvania. This is a spectacular and entertaining show without actual show elements, which fascinates the audience worldwide with the natural, visceral strength and virtuosity which is so characteristic of the traditional dance and music culture of the Carpathian Basin. Having returned from overseas, the company toured Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Switzerland with this production too.

I. On the Highlands

  • Dances from Zoboralja                                    
  • Slovakian Dances from Pazdics                        
  • Dances from Magyarbőd                                
  • Dances from Gömör

II. In Transylvania

  • Men’s Dances from Magyarpalatka

  • Korcsos from Vajdakamarás 

  • Dances from Ördöngösfüzes
Dances from Gyimes
Dances from Magyarpalatka

Length: 90 min.  (2 acts)

Borbála Köntés, Anikó Lépes, Edit Rigó Marsal "Dóci", Zsófi Varsányi, Imre Madocsai, Attila Magyarics, Attila Oláh, Richard Reicher
Gergely Koncz – violin, László Mester „Pintyő” – violin, viola, gardon, Zoltán Hanusz – viola, Tibor Lelkes – double bass, accordion
Musical Arrangements
Ifjú Szivek Dance Theatre Band
Director, Choreographer
Dusan Hégli