Hungarian Dance School

Kiadás éve

This is an album of the music accompanying the Tánciskola performance by Ifjú Szivek, premiered in 2004. The performance portrays the traditional Hungarian music and dance of the Carpathian Basin in a dynamic and sometimes humorous production. It portrays information, not generally taught as a part of the school curriculum. Listening to the recording, you have the chance to follow up, or just conjure up at home the different dances you have seen in the show.

  • Gergely Koncz – violin
  • Róbert Lakatos – violin
  • Endre Liber – cimbalom
  • László Mester – viola
  • Tibor Lelkes – double bass, accordion
  • Anikó Lépes, Edit Rigó Marsal, Zsófia Varsányi, Éva Korpás, Attila Magyarics, Imre Madocsai, Richard Reicher, Attila Oláh – vocals

Music compiled by: Dusan Hégli