Mandatory Recommendation

First Contemporary Folk Play


“Dear audience! Now, when the pandemic is over, it is high time for us to be together and enjoy each other again! My name is Aranka Podhorská, but I bet you know it, as I have been managing the cultural facility from time immemorial. Dear audience, today you can witness an extraordinary and unique gala performance, because the dancers will not only dance, but also talk.”


The play of the Ifjú Szivek Dance Theater will present to us the cultural life of a fictional small village and the everyday life of members of a local dance ensemble in southern Slovakia. The performance tells us with humor about the dilemmas and everyday personal suffering of local cultural representatives, using the classic instruments of folk play. All the characters and events in this story are made up, and any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental.

Aranka Podhorská , director of the cultural facility
 in Gbelské Slanice
Anna Vermes
Péter Zalaba, leader of the Šôpka dance ensemble
Erik Brusznyai
Frigyes Hruska, mayor
Gergely Tímár
Emil Bankházi Sporovlivý, secretary of state
András Lantos
Dóri Kucman, chief counsel of the sports section
Veronika Sebő
Comrade Vodička
András Lantos
Csongor és Tünde
Ákos Botló, Tamara Makóová
Matej Havran, versatile amateur artist of the village
Miklós Király
Anettka Becse, secretary
Barbara Gyenes
Gyuszi, tractor driver
Gergely Botló
Ákos Botló, Gergely Botló, Erik Brusznyai, Gergely Fekete, Barbara Gyenes, András Lantos, Tamara Makóová, Kata Dóra Szivós, Veronika Sebő, Gergely Tímár, Ágnes Varsányi, Anna Vermes
Máté Hegedűs – violin, Miklós Király – violin, Gergely Hegedűs – viola, Tamás Király – double bass
Camera technician
Sándor Laczkó
Cine camera technician
Sophia Boyd, Sándor Laczkó
Camera operator
Hugo Činčala, Timotej Janko
Audio engineer
Adam Kuchta
Director of photography
Gábor Angyal
Video director, editor
Csaba Molnár
Artistic staff
Kriszta Bíró, Ákos Botló
Artistic assistant
Zsófi Varsányi
Attila Lovász
a másik Kiss Gabriella
Visual technique
Dusan Hégli
Edit Romankovics
András Sereglei, Dusan Hégli