Hungarian Traditional Music from Slovakia

Kiadás éve


We produced this CD with great respect for the many wonderful musicians from the region including, László Molnár, Kálmán Molnár, Kálmán Seres "Fütykő", Rudolf  Farkas "Dankó", Ferenc Csillag, Árpád Oláh "Nyikinyaka", Zoltán Horváth, Dezső"Dili" Oláh, Géza Potta, Géza Dzsuga "Pimasz", János Badó, Tibor Vontszemű, Pál  Vontszemű and all the rest!

Our traditional music here in the Felvidék (southern Slovakia) region, is some of the richest in the Carpathian Basin. Attention was first brought to the area's old and precious vocal traditions by Béla Bartók and Zoltán Kodály's collections.

The CD features young musicians who have chosen early in their life to follow the call of this traditional music. They did not grow up in the village community, but you can hear in their music the results of many visits and experiences with the old village musicians. Through their playing of the music from Csallóköz, Mátyusföld, Gömör and Bodrogköz and the making of this CD, they have been brought closer to, and invited some of the 'masters' including the musicians of Abaúj region and the wonderful singers from the village of Magyarbőd, to perform on the recording with them.

  • Ádám Takács– violin
  • Zoltán Hanusz– viola
  • Endre Liber– cimbalom
  • Sándor Cseh– cimbalom, vocals
  • Tibor Lelkes– double bass

    Music compiled by: Róbert Lakatos