The historical events of the last century have proved several times that social exclusion is an apparently simple solution, but in reality it does not work. Despite this there were people who wanted to settle the issue of minorities, arising again after the Second World War, with population exchange, deportation and forced settlement. This is a sad and meaningless episode of history.

This show is based on the traditional dance and music culture of the Hungarian population still living in Slovakia today. It speaks of the innermost visceral feelings and associations, rather than the intellectual. 

We are all the products of interactions between different cultures, ideologies and stories, yet there is an unexplainable and irrational demand in many to distance themselves from everything that is ‘different’. Any permanent isolation results in exclusion though, in all the many areas of our lives. In this case, we are left with the one question: Will we be the excluders or the excluded ones? The basic motivation for “Expatriatisation” is compulsion. The compulsion to move. Zugzwang.

Length: 50 min.

* The show is performed at the Ifjú Szivek Dance Theatre exclusively. In case of group ticket sales (above 40 persons), the date and time of the performance are subject to negotiation.

“Lo, it is this simple. All we have to do is take into possession our own mother tongue and the dream of folkdance-choreographers may come true: they are doing theatre. For this show is already that, genuine theatre, even if all the features of classical Greek theatre might not be evinced, there is catharsis. Depending on our temperament, we, the viewers, take out our tissues, blow our noses, wipe our glasses – I tried to hide how shocked and moved I felt by cleaning my glasses.”
Géza Sebők: Hontalanítás-seckojedno, Új Szó newspaper, 2013
Barbara Gyenes, Tamara Makóová, Veronika Sebő, Kata Dóra Szivós, Ágnes Varsányi, Anna Vermes, Ákos Botló, Gergely Botló, Erik Brusznyai, Gergely Fekete, András Lantos
Miklós Király - violin, Máté Hegedűs - violin, Gergely Hegedűs - viola, Tamás Király - double bass
Anna Vermes
Musical Arrangements
Dušan Hégli and musicians
Dániel Szabó
Edita Seifertová
Artistic Assistant
Zsófi Varsányi
Director, Choreographer
Dušan Hégli
Dancers of Premiere
Klaudia Hajasová, Mária Horváthová, Zuzana Kassaiová, Anita Kovácsová, Rubinka Szabó, Ivett Oláh, Zsófi Varsányiová, Peter Bitter, Gergő Bolgovics, Ákos Botló, Gergely Botló, Gábor Gálik, Maximilian Linczenbold, Imre Madocsai, Attila Oláh
Vocals of Premiere
Júlia Fábián Csiba
12th April 2013. Bratislava, Ifjú Szivek Dance Theatre