Hungarian from Slovakia

This full-length production by Ifjú Szivek Dance Theatre is looking for the answer to the simple and banal-sounding question what is meant by the frequently used collocation „szlovákiai magyar” (which literally means a Hungarian person or something Hungarian who/which comes from Slovakia and not Slovak-Hungarian). What is it that comes from Slovakia and is Hungarian? Is there a clear, common symbol at all which is equally well-known and precious to every Hungarian living in Slovakia, independent of any interest, that we all stick to and proudly claim – ours? Perhaps not yet. But we certainly have to look for it in our present time. The symbol that will be able to bind us all together regardless of interests will be our common trademark formed from the values created by the Hungarian people in Slovakia day by day.   

This production gives a selection of the traditional dance and music culture of the peoples and nationalities living in the Carpathian Basin. As always, the company uses advanced theatrical tools and devotes particular attention to ethnographic authenticity. As a result, a comprehensive, detailed and colourful material is presented on stage, ugrós from the Transdanubian region, csárdás from the Vág-Garam region, gypsy dances from Szatmár, Jewish music, parancsolgató from the Zólyom region and Romanian dances from Oltenia. It may seem paradoxical, but all this diversity and the detailed, accurate and authentic presentation of the characteristics of each region contribute to the fact that this show is fully “Hungarian from Slovakia”.

Length: 55 min.

“The customs of culture consumers have changed and we have to respond to this. These days it is a much debated issue in Slovakia who Hungarian is, what Hungarian is, who exactly Hungarians in Slovakia are and to what extent they are part of the universal Hungarian culture. Ifjú Szivek would like to reach out to the Hungarian audiences in Slovakia more actively, we want to be a part of public awareness, that is why it is important to respond to current problems that engage the public opinion.”
Dusan Hégli, MTI
Klaudia Gálik, Mária Horváth, Zsuzsanna Kassai, Anita Kovács, Ivett Oláh “Ketti”, Zsófi Varsányi, Ákos Botló, Gergely Botló, Gábor Gálik, Maximilian Linczenbold, Attila Oláh
Gergely Koncz – violin, Máté Hegedűs – violin, Endre Papp – viola, gardon, Balázs Domonkos – double bass
Musical Director
Hégli Dusan and the band
Lead Dancer
Gábor Gálik
Artistic Assistant
Zsófi Varsányi
Director, Choreographer
Dusan Hégli
Dancers of Premiere
Klaudia Hajas, Mária Horváth, Zsuzsanna Kassai, Anita Kovács, Rubinka Szabó, Ivett Oláh “Ketty”, Friderika Varga, Zsófi Varsányi, Péter Bitter, Gergő Bolgovics, Sándor Juhász, Ákos Botló, Gergely Botló, Gábor Gálik, Maximilian Linczenbold, Imre Madocsai, Attila Oláh